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Bon Vivant, Glamour Girl and International Woman of Mystery

"... weird, ill-informed and frequently simply mistaken."

Life Of Glamour
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On friending:
This journal is mostly friends-locked. If you know me, send me a private message of introduction, I'll probably add you. If you don't send me a message telling me who you are I won't know who you are and I won't add you.

I have recently moved all of my weight loss and weight management content over to my blog. Check it out there if managing your weight is a topic of interest to you.

I sew, I drink cocktails, I over-dress for every occasion. I am madly in love with cathyn. We met at Pennsic in 2007 and married on a Wednesday evening in August of 2009 in Vegas - naturally Elvis performed the ceremony.

I have a job. It's challenging, occasionally rewarding. *shrug*